Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Springin' in

Wow - doesn't time fly when you're having... well... not as much fun as you'd like! Its been a full week since ive blogged - ive been so busy and caught up in bits of this, bits of that. But glad to say that Spring is finally here and for the first time in what feels like ages, im feeling very motivated and ready to go! Must be the sunshine - it does that to people. Although its hard to tell today, looking out of the studio window seeing the landscape covered in a fine misty fog. Still, could be worse.

So last week kept me very occupied with the many freelance projects I seem to have ongoing at the moment - I was beginning to think it would be a long time until my social life re-emerged. But I was talked into taking a break and spending Saturday night out with DB and our friends from the local cricket team (of which I have been brought up with virtually from birth!). The guys and us WAGS went for a meal at a new Chinese restaurant in town - one of these 'All-you-can-eat buffet' type things - and it was so lovely! A few drinks afterwards and I forgot the hustle and bustle of everyday life and actually relaxed and enjoyed myself - has been a while!

Back to normality on Monday though and straight back into the weekday routine, and before I know it, its Wednesday already! Still spent the last couple of evenings working on a website that im helping out with, and tonight will most likely entail the same, combined with finding time to sort out the spare bedroom that has magically turned into a junk shop somehow. Its amazing what you can hoard without realising. Have also got a few more cards to make this week for a cousins birthday, DB's step-sis who recently had a baby girl, and a few Easter cards that Im sending. I dont usually do Easter cards, but grandparents seem to appreciate them - especially hand-made.

Hopefully will manage a few hours off tomorrow night though to go watch DB and my brother playing in their weekly league snooker match. Its not something I tend to follow much, but its their last game of the season and apparently they make a bit of a night of it. Plus they (and the rest of the team) have decided that just for a laugh they are going to be sporting the most drastic of John Virgo style eye-popping waistcoats and bow ties. Now that's got to be worth the visit alone!

Anyway, I did manage to find time earlier for a little catch up on a few of the Her Space : My Space blog prompts. Enjoy!

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